Meet the Makers: John & Judith Whiley of Splinter’s Woodwork

Have you ever come across a piece of finely crafted woodwork that instantly captured your attention and made you appreciate the beauty of natural materials? If so, you’re in for a treat! Today, we’re introducing you to John and Judith Whiley, the talented duo behind Splinter’s Woodwork. With their exceptional craftsmanship and passion for Tasmanian timbers, they create exquisite serving trays, lazy Susans, clocks, tables, and more, all adorned with mesmerizing resin art. Let’s dive into their story and learn more about their creative process.

From Retirement Hobby to Creative Passion

John and Judith initially started their woodworking journey as a retirement hobby. Little did they know that it would quickly transform into a creative passion. In 2015/2016, they began crafting a few souvenir pieces, but their love for the art form soon took over, driving them to explore and create unique and functional woodwork pieces.

tasmanian timberEmbracing the Beauty of Tasmanian Timbers and Resin

Splinter’s Woodwork stands out for its exceptional use of Tasmanian timbers and resin. John, known as Splinter, has always had a deep affinity for the magnificent timbers found in Tasmania. To ensure the highest quality and have more control over the materials they work with, John and Judith purchase timber in log form and personally cut it to shape. This allows them to meticulously choose the best timber for each creation.

Incorporating resin into their designs has brought a whole new level of artistic expression to their work. Judith’s passion for color and John’s love for timber come together seamlessly when they collaborate on resin art. The vibrant hues and intricate patterns of resin beautifully complement the natural grain and texture of the wood, resulting in visually stunning and one-of-a-kind pieces.

The Journey of Splinter’s Woodwork

Splinter’s Woodwork is more than just a brand—it’s a reflection of John and Judith’s combined experiences, values, and personal connection to nature. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of the Tasmanian bush, John developed a lifelong appreciation for its speciality timbers. This deep-rooted connection with nature is ingrained in each piece they create, making it truly unique and infused with their personal touch.

tasmanian timbersOvercoming Challenges and Inspiring Others

Like any journey, Splinter’s Woodwork has faced its fair share of challenges. One of the primary obstacles was the scarcity of available Tasmanian specialty timbers. To overcome this hurdle, John and Judith decided to take matters into their own hands. They began sourcing logs and cutting their own timber, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality materials for their craft.

To aspiring makers who find themselves facing similar obstacles, John and Judith offer this valuable piece of advice: never stop pursuing your dreams. Perseverance and passion are key ingredients to overcoming challenges and turning your craft into a reality.

resin artFinding Inspiration and Sparking Creativity

Inspiration can strike at any moment, even in the middle of the night. John and Judith often experience those “light bulb moments” that drive their creative process forward. They also find inspiration through open and honest conversations with each other, bouncing ideas back and forth until they strike gold.

When it comes to sparking their creativity, Splinter’s Woodwork actively engages with their local and online community of makers. Participating in markets, festivals, and exhibitions over the past two years has been an incredible experience for them. Not only do they get to meet other talented makers, but they also receive invaluable feedback from the public, inspiring them to push their creative boundaries even further.

Balancing Artistic Expression and Market Demand

Splinter’s Woodwork understands the importance of balancing artistic expression and market demand. While they strive to maintain a consistent collection of products that cater to varying market demands, they also enjoy creating custom pieces. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind dining table or a special order for a renowned artist like Shania Twain, John and Judith are always up for the challenge.

Notable Collaborations and Exhibitions

Throughout their journey, Splinter’s Woodwork has had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous individuals who were captivated by their work. These collaborations have opened new doors and inspired them to create pieces tailored to specific individuals and their unique preferences.

at the markets

Engaging with the Community

In addition to their creative pursuits, John and Judith actively engage with their local and online community of makers. This involvement has had a profound impact on their craft and creative journey. They have gained valuable insights, built connections with fellow makers, and received feedback that has helped them refine their skills and expand their artistic horizons.

Join Splinter’s Woodwork on Their Artistic Journey

If you’re eager to witness the breathtaking beauty of Tasmanian timbers and resin art, Splinter’s Woodwork is definitely a name to remember. You can catch them at upcoming events and exhibitions, including Door of Hope, St Helens, Mac02, Truly Tasmanian Craft Exhibition & Sale Latrobe, and the Silverdome. Follow their journey and explore their remarkable creations on Facebook and Instagram.

Splinter’s Woodwork serves as a reminder that pursuing your passions, even as a retirement hobby, can lead to extraordinary creative endeavors. So, keep dreaming, keep crafting, and who knows—your light bulb moment might just be waiting to illuminate your artistic path.


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