Meet the Maker: Sharyn Cook of Dizzie Devil Yarn

Are you ready to embark on a colorful journey into the world of hand-dyed yarn? Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Sharyn Cook, the creative force behind Dizzie Devil Yarn. Sharyn is a talented maker based in Tasmania, Australia, who specializes in hand-dyed yarn that are sure to ignite your creativity and inspire your next project.

The Beginning: A Passion for Hand-Dyed Yarn

Sharyn’s love for knitting and crochet began at the tender age of 8 when her grandmother passed on the craft to her. As the years went by, her fascination with hand-dyed yarns grew stronger. Recognizing a gap in the market for locally produced indie-dyed yarns in Tasmania, she decided to become a maker herself.

Crafting Techniques and Materials

Dizzie Devil Yarn stands out for its commitment to using high-quality materials. Sharyn sources Australian-grown and milled merino and merino blend bases for her creations. In addition, she exclusively uses Australian-made dyes, infusing her yarns with a touch of local authenticity. As a boutique dyer, she keeps production numbers low and regularly introduces new colors to her collection.

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Brand Story: Embracing Tasmania’s Artisan Heritage

Sharyn wanted her brand, Dizzie Devil Yarn, to reflect the unique identity of Tasmania. Known for its exceptional artisanal products, Tasmania inspired Sharyn to focus on producing quality over quantity. To capture the essence of Tasmania, she collaborated with a nature artist friend to design the logo—a Tassie Devil, a symbol instantly associated with the island’s beauty. The logo represents the limited quantities of high-quality hand-dyed yarn that Dizzie Devil Yarn offers.

Personal Touch: Connecting Through Customer Service

Sharyn’s personal experiences and values are deeply embedded in her work. Her grandmother’s influence, coupled with her belief in producing top-notch products and offering excellent customer service, motivates her to attend local markets. These events allow her to engage directly with customers, provide advice, and help them choose the perfect yarns for their projects.

Overcoming Challenges: Sourcing and Commitment

Like any maker, Sharyn faced challenges on her crafting journey. Sourcing raw materials at a reasonable cost was a hurdle she had to overcome. By building a strong relationship with a trusted Australian supplier who shared her commitment to quality, she stayed true to her core value of using Australian products.

Advice for Aspiring Makers

Sharyn’s advice to aspiring makers facing similar obstacles is simple but powerful: keep going, conduct thorough research, and step out of your comfort zone occasionally. Persistence and a thirst for knowledge are key ingredients for success.

Finding Inspiration: Tasmania’s Natural Beauty

Living in Tasmania, Sharyn finds inspiration at every turn. The beauty of the region’s landscapes and iconic places inform the colors and names of her yarns. Mood boards and color palettes also play a role in achieving the perfect color balance. Sharyn’s love for color and experimentation shines through in her vibrant creations.

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Sparking Creativity: Knitting and Imagining

Knitting allows Sharyn’s mind to relax and wander, often leading to new color blend ideas. Sometimes, a single word or name sparks her imagination and sets off a chain reaction of creative thoughts.

Meaningful Projects: The First Pair of Socks

Among her many creations, one project holds special significance for Sharyn—the first pair of socks she knitted. Overcoming her initial fears and discovering the world of exquisite sock yarns fueled her interest in dyeing her own yarns.

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Balancing Artistic Expression and Market Demand

Sharyn strikes a delicate balance between artistic expression and market demand. While offering a consistent collection of high-quality yarns, she also produces limited editions to showcase her evolving color palette. Collaborations with local yarn stores and pattern designers provide unique opportunities to create exclusive colors and patterns.


Collaborations and Community Involvement

Sharyn actively engages with her local and online maker community. Attending markets allows her to connect with fellow creatives, while social media platforms provide opportunities to share inspiration, troubleshoot processes, and support each other’s craft. Regular knitting and crocheting groups enable Sharyn to share her passion and contribute to the preservation of these crafts.

Artist Biography: A Journey of Passion and Growth

Sharyn’s knitting and crochet journey spans over 40 years. After discovering yarn dyeing, she immersed herself in learning various techniques and processes. Developing her own style and methods, she emphasizes the importance of finding a niche in the market. Inspired by Tasmania’s natural beauty, she uses her creativity to capture the essence of the island in her yarns. Recently, she has also started using live videos and Reels on Instagram to connect with customers and provide updates on new projects and products.

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Where to Find Dizzie Devil Yarn

You can discover Sharyn’s vibrant yarn creations at local markets such as the Tasmanian Made Markets, Hobart Handmade Makers Market in Lindisfarne and The Hub Creative Market in Kingston. For those unable to attend in person, Dizzie Devil Yarn maintains an online presence on Facebook and Instagram, where you can explore her stunning colors and stay updated on her latest endeavors. To learn more about Sharyn’s work and browse her collection, visit her website at

Join the Journey

Don’t miss the chance to connect with Sharyn Cook and embark on a colorful adventure with Dizzie Devil Yarn. Celebrate the beauty of hand-dyed yarns and the enduring art of making. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just starting your creative journey, Sharyn’s vibrant yarns are sure to inspire and ignite your imagination. Explore her creations, immerse yourself in Tasmania’s natural wonders, and let the magic of Dizzie Devil Yarn transport you to a world of endless possibilities.


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